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OS0002 RF 8.2MHz Metal System


.Can meet all retailers' security requirement

.Take advantage of next generation digital RF performance

.Maximum alarm integrity

.Designed for maximum durability

.An optional crash kit to safeguard pedestals from shopping cart collision


Electronic Technology

.Incorporate leading-edge Digital Signal Processing

.Advanced electronics enable our sophisticated sensors to distinguish between tag signals and environmental noise-virtually eliminating unwanted alarms



.High-performance digital detection

.Detects Ontime complete line of tags


Aisle Width

.R50 Tag: ≥180cm

.4x4cm Paper Label: ≥140cm

Remarks: Effective rate of detection is influenced by the store environment and by the quality of the tags used


Featured Design

.Match any decoration

.All new, ultra-durable design


Antenna Specification

.Height: 1516mm

.Width: 308mm

.Depth: 74mm

.Weight: 11kgs


Packing Specification

.Height: 1580mm

.Width: 380mm

.Depth: 180mm

.Weight: 15kgs

.Remarks: TX + RX + POWER SUPPLY