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Double Protection Adhesive Tag AS1057-new version coming soon!

The most welcomed double protection adhesive tag AS1057 now is releasing its new verson.

The double protection Adhesive tag provides security protection for a variety of high-valued merchandise, especially for the box packed goods, digital products and household appliances. 

When secured, the audible alarm will be triggered if the tag is removed forcibly, and the AM or RF system will alarm if the protect products pass through the detection field. 

The adhesive tag contains two parts: reusable body and disposable bottom, the upgraded design makes it more convenient to use.

all that you do is only 2 steps.

2 steps to secure the goods: 1. Draw off the battery insulation paper, 2. Apply the tag to the goods. Done!

2 steps to disarm: 1. Unlock the tag with magnetic detacher, 2. Rotate the tag to remove, leave the disposable bottom on the goods. Done!

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