Cooperationa intent of anti-counterfeiting with Kaola < NEWS
Cooperationa intent of anti-counterfeiting with Kaola

In the beginning of 2016,  Hangzhou Ontime I.T. Co.,Ltd and,  Which is owed by NetEase,Reach an intent on cooperationa of anti-counterfeiting.  According to the agreement, in addition to anti-counterfeiting, This project will be extended to picking, out storage, reverse logistics, stocktaking and other aspects in 2016.

NetEase (NASDAQ:NETS) is a leading Internet company in China.  Now It’s market value is near $20billion, Ranking only second to Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and JD, Which is far beyond $2.7 billion of Sina and $1.9 billion of Sohu. NetEase’s market value blooming benefits from the fast growth of E-commerce.  is focuson integrated E-Business mall. Which is a subsidiary of NetEase and Being public tested in January 2015, covers importing mom & baby products, make-up products, daily necessities, importing food, health-caring food, fashion goods and so on.


Found in 1994, Hangzhou Ontime I.T. Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company within the range of the nation-supporting high-tech fields. Our business includes R&D, designing, manufacturing, selling and after-service, we can offer the clients a whole set of flexible solution and one-stop service. 

Here’s what Hangzhou Ontime I.T. Co.,Ltd’s RFID group has already offered to the customers in the fields of cloth, logistics, tobacco and food.  The RFID integrated we serve include smart anti- counterfeiting, smart source-tracking, smart channeling- preventing, smart storage, smartstore, smart supplychain. Hangzhou Ontime I.T. Co.,Ltd has really accumulated rich experience.

The cooperation between two companies will greatly enhance NetEase’s competitiveness of E-Business infrastructure, which will surely increase its  response ability in Stocktaking, fake-preventingand source-tracking, fast shipment and so on.