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What is EAS ?
Within the retail industry, the devices are generally known as security tags or Electronic Article Surveillance(EAS) tags. The technology favored for modern tags involves a set of gates that transmits pulses of a low-range radio frequency. Inside each security tag is a resonator, a device that picks up the transmitted signal and repeats it. The set of gates also contains a receiver that is programmed to recognize whether it is detecting the target signal during the time gaps between the pulses being broadcast by the gates. Sensing a signal during these intervals indicates the presence of a signal being resonated(rebroadcast) by a security tag in the detection zone. When this occurs,the gates sound an alarm; in some systems,the alarm sound is accompanied by a flashing light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
What EAS can do ?
1.Provide security and tracing for the entire merchandise chain.
2.Enable new sale mode for openly displayed merchandises.
3.Reduce labor cost and improve working efficiency.                                                                                                                                                                      
Ontime offer a wide range of electronic surveillance article products including RF/AM hard tag, RF/AM soft label, ink tag, RF/AM antenna detection system, RF/AM deactivator, RF hand verifier, lanyard, pins, magnetic detachers, self-alarm device, people counter, display protection devices etc.
According to the standard of ISO9001 & CE, Ontime has established a full-scale quality management system, guaranteeing our efficient operations and sustainable growth.


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